To help place Egyptian manufacturing on the global map.

Automotive Heat Exchangers

We provide clients with quality products, technologies and services that
strengthen local production


Teriak Group supplies OEM Brass/aluminum radiators for trucks, buses,
military vehicles and tractors.
No louver fin radiators for heavy duty equipment and vehicles to withstand the harshest environments and the ease to clean


Teriak Groups design and replace a wide range of OEM automotive,
locomotive and marine micro-channels condensers

Heavy duty
Refrigerated containers

Cooling Module

• We provide clients with a comprehensive and reliable cooling solution at
low cost to suit various client applications via a full range assembly line.
• Cooling modules comprise multiple engine cooling components as
well as the condenser, which forms part of the air conditioning circuit.
For maximum efficiency, all components are optimally matched. The
modules are assembled according to the vehicle design concept, thus
reducing development, production, and logistical costs.

oil Cooler

We manufacture high-performance oil coolers designed to provide
outstanding cooling in the toughest conditions

Charge Air-Cooler

We design and manufacture charge-air-coolers for automotive needs,
medium or large industrial needs, as well as military applications

other products

• Fin condenser and radiator
• Tube condenser and radiator
• Cooling module assemblies
• Hose Assemblies
• Heater Core