To help place Egyptian manufacturing on the global map.

research and development

Our labs are equipped with the latest technology to analyze and validate the design and performance of any heat exchanger product.
With 20 design engineers we are capable of designing according to
clients’ standards and specifications with higher performance and efficiency at lower cost.
Heat exchanger capacity and performance analysis: (Unilab MCHE,
Unilab professional)

performance test

• Overall performance
• Heat rejection
• Pressure drop

pressure cycle test

Heat fatigue

Salt spray test

Tests the heat exchanger’s resistance to corrosion

Microscopic Analysis

Brazing quality

Burst test

Determine pressure threshold

CMM machine

Dimension analysis test (only radiators)

vibration test

Durability of product and connecting pipes

helium leakage test (vacuum chamber)

Leakage test using Helium

Nitrogen dry test

Leakage test using Nitrogen